Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO gives you the full service. You will be provided with robust financial advice to help you achieve your aspirations for the business – whether this is in the form of a more hands off role for yourself or a hands on role to drive the business. As your virtual CFO, we become part of your strategic team and sit down with you as your financial controller.

Virtual CFO suits those clients who want business planning, financial and KPI monitoring regular contact and a worry free accounts  department. We will tailor the services to your exact requirements, but typically the fees begin at $800 plus gst per month.

We will help with the following:

  • Updating (if you have one) or new business plan – this sets out where you want the business to go
  • Regular monitoring and reporting to you of business performance
  • Advice and suggestions for your business decisions

Why is a Virtual CFO good for your business?

  • Annual Strategic planning meeting
  • Annual Financial Plan and cashflow forecast
  • Annual Benchmarking analysis
  • Business performance health check
  • KPI monitoring and advice
  • BAS Requirements taken care of
  • Tax forecasting and tax minimisation planning
  • Timely production of annual accounts