So you want to be an entrepreneur!

By mike | February 16, 2015 | Improve business

Entrepreneurship goes beyond Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs, and it embodies something bigger than Twitter and WhatsApp. Entrepreneurship is a mindset, an attitude, and a lifestyle adopted by people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

It’s an approach to life that favors creativity over conformity and action over inaction. Bestselling author, investor, and entrepreneur James Altucher says that for him, “Being an ‘entrepreneur’ doesn’t mean starting the next Facebook. Or even starting any business at all. It means finding the challenges you have in your life, and determining creative ways to overcome those challenges.”

So, even if you’re not tinkering away at the next world-changing invention or looking to set up shop in Silicon Valley, there are aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset that will enrich your work and life. Here are 8 things entrepreneurial people do differently

To be an entrepreneur you have to take risks – and not be afraid of failing. It will happen, but you can take calculated risks.

Here are the views of 20 Australian entrepreneurs who have been successful.

Here at Harding & Co we work with entrepreneurs. We are many things:

  • deal with your compliance issues
  • A sounding board for your next move
  • A shoulder to cry on when things didn’t go exactly to plan!
  • To help you make the most of your success when your business has been successful.

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