Lying or economical with the truth….

By mike | January 13, 2015 | Improve business

We are often asked to help clients negotiate with their banks whether it be to fund a startup or expansion, renegotiate an existing facility or a short term overdraft. It can be frustrating with the need for banks to require security in the form of real estate and the constant change of business managers (no bank is immune from this). I thought I would share this article with you, concerning a now large and very successful brewing company in the UK, BrewDog. Whilst we don’t advocate being dishonest, there are negotiating tactics available – just ask a friend who is in the real estate business!

What this article says more than how to deal with banks is the absolute belief that you need to have in your product – don’t believe in it because you think you need to – you must have 100% belief in your idea – backed up with research and business plan. Don’t be scared of large businesses taking away all of your opportunities – we are great believers that when that happens it merely creates openings. As BrewDog found in the attached  article, not everyone wanted to taste the same bland beer that was being put out by the larger breweries.