Kabbage…..More useful than the name suggests…

By mike | January 15, 2015 | Improve business

What do you think I get asked about most as a business adviser?

Well, it is ‘where can we go and get working capital finance for our business without having to put our house up as collateral for a $30k funding?’ In the USA this kind of service is established and is helping growing businesses get the short term funding they need – Kabbage

It will only be a matter of time before Kabbage or similar arrives in Australia. Instead of looking at financials that may be 18 months out of date or a credit score, companies like Kabbage actually look at what the business is doing now  -and where it is going. Just like the team at Harding & Co! We will keep you updated on changes in the SME funding market, but if you would like to talk about how Harding & Co can help your business, call Mike on 0401 631 904.