Can you see your Dashboard!

By mike | March 11, 2010 | Improve business

Can you see your dashboard?

  • If you don’t have one then the answer will be no……
  • If you do have one but it is set up badly, then you may be making decisions on inaccurate or out of date data….

If you don’t have a company dashboard, read on……

A dashboard gives you up to date data in the key areas of your business. For small businesses it may be something as simple as:

  • Up to date cash at bank figure
  • Total receivables and details of those overdue – Do they need chasing and by who
  • What quotes need to be done today!
  • What quotes need to be chased today
  • Sales this month to date versus same month last year versus budget

These are just examples of key information that you need, but it must be visual. How many of you look at a page of numbers and come away not knowing whether they are showing a good or bad picture. My dashboards always use graphs – you get the picture straight away!

Most modern accounting packages have a dashboard facility – but is it set up for your use? The best one that I have found is from the new accounting software supplier XERO – Not only does the accounting process save you time, it is built around a dashboard that will give you key accounting information.

The dashboard has to focus on both what motivates you – how many orders have you received this month? – and on the important issues currently affecting your business – cashflow?

If you dont currently use a dashboard – call Mike Harding now on 0401 631 904 to discuss how it can help you.