Are you charging the correct price?

By mike | December 16, 2014 | Improve business

There are many ways to calculate the price your charge your customers and clients. I recently came across this guy who has a good approach to pricing. He runs a print shop and tries to be fair!

Pricing products and services

  • Understand your cost structure (cost of materials, labour, rent)
  • Understand you market – are you planning a sell them cheap / large quantity approach or high value/ low volume?
  • What is a fair price?
  • Make sure the customer is aware of additional services – are they included or extra?
  • Don’t Underprice – Most small businesses set their prices too low!
  • What are your customers charging?
  • Be aware of the changing market place – most accountants such as Harding & Co are giving fixed price quotes now – If we are efficient we want the profiot – if we are inefficient we dont expect our clients to pay! Lawyers are now following this approach such as Marque Lawyers

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