Why is my business Struggling

There will be times in a business life cycle when it will hit hard times and the business structure will need to be changed if it is to ride out the storm.

A business may be struggling for a number of reasons, some of which may or may not be your businesses fault. Whatever the reason, changes will need to be met.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is where does the problem lie?

Have my sales fallen? – If so why? Is there a new competitor? Have my enquiries fallen? Is my product obsolete? Do we have quality control issues?

Are my costs under control? If not what has happened? How can I cut costs?

Is staff morale good?

One of the biggest issues facing a business owner manger is who to talk to. Many find it difficult to discuss these issues with their husband or wife, and are even less inclined to discuss business problems with staff. You need an adviser who will visit you out of hours to discuss the issues facing the business and put a plan in place to address the issues.

If your business is struggling, I will give you ½ day seminar identifying the issues and helping you formulate a plan to change the business fortunes.