Preparing for Retirement

All businesses should be in existence for one reason – to make a profit. But, perhaps the time has come in your life when you don’t want to run your business any more. You should have in reality been planning for this day for some years now, and if you have been the sale / transfer will be much easier.

Having provided advice for over 25 years, through booming economies and recessions, I understand that there are times when chasing the extra dollar is not the first and foremost priority – Sometimes there are other priorities in your life. Retirement either through health issues, losing the drive or just wanting to capitalise on years of hard work by selling the business need planning. Sometimes, such as ill health, the issue is forced upon you and you have to do the best that you can possibly do given the situation.

If you are in this position, call Mike now and arrange a free ½ day planning session to discuss the issues that need to be addressed. Selling your business should not be done on the back of an envelope at 5.30pm on a Friday evening!