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Unable to make sense of the numbers?

Harding & Co look after owner managed businesses on the Northern Beaches and help business owners do exactly that.

No matter what stage in the life cycle your business is, I am here to help you. Your business will need as much attention when it is growing, as when it hits a rocky times or you are setting out in business. From start-up to retirement / sale, Mike will be available to help you get the most out of your business.

When considering changing your business adviser, consider the following:

  • All accountants and tax advisers can be expected to prepare your accounts and lodge your tax returns efficiently, but do they:
    • Help you fully understand the accounts and any adjustments they have put through?
    • Help you put the adjustments through your accounting system
    • Provide you with accounts in an easy to understand format
  • Does your accountant have experience in industry – at the sharp end – or have they been advising all of their professional life? Nothing beats having the experience at the coal face!
  • Does your accountant give you advice on how to improve your profitability:
    • Do you have regular meetings with your accountant
    • Do you have realistic performance goals
    • Do you know what key numbers to focus on in your business

Have you, as an entrepreneur, read the book ‘The E Myth’? If you haven’t, then call Mike now for an introductory meeting and Mike will give you a copy for free!

Setting up and running your own business is the most fulfilling thing you can do during your working life. It has risks, but there are rewards – both financial and non-financial.

For a free initial meeting, call Mike now.